When someone is unemployed, you can say "they are between jobs". Of course, this assumes there will be a job in their future!!


No one gets fired these days - unless they've done something really bad! "Getting laid off" is a more accepted term.


In polite conversation, you don't hear of people dying. Instead, you hear that they "passed away" or "have passed"
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Grammar exercises

Olá pessoal,

Seguem alguns exercícios básicos de inglês. Espero que gostem!

1. Alberto Santos Dumont ________ in Paris where he ______ his name as a pioneer of aviation.

a) lived; made b) lives; makes c) is living ; is making

2. Santos Dumont _____his 14 Bis in 1906.

a) build b) builds c) built

3. Mozart changed the world with his eternal music, but he _____ a happy life.

a) doesn’t live b) don’t live c) didn’t live

4. Domestic robots _____ become quite common in the future.

a) will b) are going c) are

5. You ______ to read a text about some incredible machines. What do you think it’s going to be about?

a) will b) are going c) going

6. The invention of television _____ of benefit to society.

a) will be b) were c) has been

7. Since then, people ______ that dreams can lead us to a better understanding of human nature.

a) have learned b) learned c) are learning

8. Nasa has successfully developed a water regeneration system, intended to be used at the International Space Station. “It is just as refreshing as _______ other kind of water,” a Nasa official said. “I’ve got _____ in my fridge. It tastes like fresh water to me.”

a) no ; every b) any ; some c) none ; any